Felony Crimes

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Felony Charges in New York

Under New York Law, felonies make up the most serious category of criminal charges. If you have been arrested and charged with a felony or are currently under investigation with serious criminal activity, it is imperative that you immediately contact qualified defense counsel.

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Felony Penalties in NY

A felony charge is likely to have serious impact on your life, including your liberty, a record that can impact your current and future employment and other significant rights and privileges. John Raimondo has handled hundreds of felony cases, including felony assault cases, felony DUI, attempted murder, drug crimes and others. John Raimondo has the experience to strategically and competently handle your case.

A felony conviction in New York can mean the loss of the following rights:

  • Eligibility for certain government benefits
  • Ability to participate as a juror
  • Voting rights
  • Gun possession rights

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If you have been arrested for a felony crime, you may contact our Westchester County felony lawyer from the Law Offices of John Raimondo. John will evaluate your case and provide you with the right defense during this difficult time. Attorney Raimondo has a decade and half of experience advocating for individuals in over a thousand criminal cases. He has obtained numerous “not guilty” jury trial verdicts. His success comes from his genuine investment in his clients and his intimate and strategic knowledge of the law.

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