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If you have been arrested and face criminal charges, John Raimondo understands the extent of the concerns and stress you are contending with. In all probability, you are experiencing stress due to concerns about, among other things, what impact the charges will have on your liberty, your ability to continue in your current employment or to obtain future employment, your reputation in the community, and the financial impact the charges will have on you.

Of course, the prospect of defending against a prosecution is in itself overwhelming, but John Raimondo is available to guide you through his zealous, competent and compassionate experience.

He can defend in a wide variety of criminal cases, such as:

You will never feel that you have been left alone in the process and you will always feel that your concerns have been addressed. Above all, you will feel confident that you are in the hands of a skilled White Plains criminal defense attorney who will fight tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.

Our White Plains criminal defense lawyer, John Raimondo, can be reached online or at (914) 996-4511.

Do Not Talk to Anyone Before Getting a Lawyer

One of the most critical decisions an accused or person being investigated for a crime will make is whether to have communication with law enforcement, or with anyone else (other than their attorney) about the matter being investigated. There should be no confusion; there is never a good reason to answer any questions put to you by any police officer or third party in the context of an investigation without first consulting with a White Plains criminal defense attorney.

No matter what promises are made to you, it is never the right decision to speak with law enforcement about the circumstances surrounding the detention. Often times, the police will provide a person who has been arrested with Miranda warnings in an effort to have the arrested party give a statement, confession or other information. Rather than answering any questions, you should contact an experienced Elmsford criminal defense attorney immediately. While there are people who think they can talk themselves out of an investigation and avoid arrest, that is almost never the case, and the probability that you will give information that will be harmful (while you might not intend to) is high. Leave the talking to the White Plains criminal defense attorney and instead, invoke your constitutional right to remain silent.

With a decade and a half of experience, John Raimondo has competently handled all types of criminal cases, from minor offenses to serious felonies, including drug crimes, theft crimes, more than a hundred DUI cases, violent crimes and more.

He possesses the following to help give his clients the advantage in court:

  • Proven trial experience
  • A scholarly, but practical approach to defending cases
  • Experience defending over a thousand clients in criminal cases
  • Multiple not guilty jury trial verdicts
  • Proven history of success in and out of the courtroom
  • Free consultations to all prospective clients

Discuss Your Situation with an White Plains Criminal Attorney

If you are interested in discussing your case with a White Plains criminal defense lawyer during a confidential and complimentary case evaluation, you are welcome to contact the Law Offices of John A. Raimondo, P.C.

You may contact the firm of John Raimondo to learn more about how we can defend your rights.